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Oil and Gas Workouts and Bankruptcy

Prominent Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Oil & Gas Litigation, Commercial Collection, and Creditor Bankruptcy Attorneys

With extensive experience in oil and gas litigation, including commercial collection, and creditor bankruptcy, Mee Mee Hoge & Epperson is uniquely qualified to assist clients in all phases of an oil and gas workout.

We are experienced in state court cases, including receivership, sales, commercial collection, and lien foreclosure actions. The firm also represents lenders, creditors, and energy companies, including oil and gas service companies, in bankruptcy matters in Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas.

With the present uncertainty in the commodity markets, many lenders and creditors are seeking to realize returns on their collateral or lien claims, and our attorneys have many years of experience in these areas.

We provide the following services:

  • Lien foreclosure
  • Workouts
  • Oil and Gas Bankruptcy Representation
  • Receiverships and Sales
  • Creditor's Rights
  • Lien filings

Please contact attorneys John W. Mee, III or Joshua C. Greenhaw to discuss how we can help you.