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Prominent Oklahoma City Real Estate Lawyers

Mee Mee Hoge & Epperson PLLP, offers experience and the extensive knowledge of real estate law that you can rely on with confidence. Our attorneys handle real estate and title issues, including land development, transactions, and litigation matters. Our firm also has a comprehensive background in land, title, and lease issues such as aircraft titles, oil and gas law, and eminent domain matters.

Contact our office in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, to discuss your complete real estate legal needs. We are open and fair about fees, and responsive to your questions about how your decisions will affect the outcome of the transaction.

A complete range of real estate and title services

  • Receiverships
  • Subdivision development, purchase and sales agreements, and subdivision tax planning
  • Title issues, including real property, oil and gas, and aircraft, and boundary disputes
  • Mortgage foreclosure
  • Landlord representation and commercial leasing


When governmental agencies seize privately owned land for public purposes, the rights of landowners to resist such "taking" and to insist on receiving fair compensation can be asserted if you use experienced attorneys. We aggressively seek to protect the land owner's rights.

Ad Valorem appeals

County tax assessors typically refer to a property value as "Ad Valorem," meaning that the tax rate on a property is directly related to a proportion of the value of the property. Our firm provides experienced representation for commercial property owners opposing ad valorem assessments. We understand assessment practices and the strategies that are effective in the appeals process.

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The state statutes allow the appointment of a receiver to assist the court when there is an action filed where land is being divided, or returned to the rightful owner, or in connection with a foreclosure. This firm can assist you to protect your property which may be in danger of being lost or damaged.