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Probate & Trust Administration

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When a person dies with an estate plan based on a Living Trust, the trust must be administered. The Trustee of the trust must collect what is owed to the decedent, pay the decedent's bills, safeguard the decedent's assets until they are distributed to the decedent's beneficiaries, and file appropriate income and estate tax returns for the decedent and his or her estate.

To the extent that a decedent's assets are not in his or her Living Trust, probate is required for those assets.

Estates and trusts vary in size and complexity. There may be post-mortem tax planning issues, tax obligations, asset valuation decisions, and even succession plans in place for the family business. Mee Mee Hoge & Epperson PLLP has the experience you can rely on. Your attorney will work directly with you, your financial advisor, and your tax professional to determine the most appropriate way to handle the final affairs of the trust or probate leading to the final disbursement of assets.

It is important to remember that deadlines for some trust administration and probate actions may be critical. Talk to a qualified attorney as soon as possible. Mee Mee Hoge & Epperson PLLP provides experienced representation for families who have lost a loved one and are going through the probate process. Mee Mee Hoge & Epperson PLLP also works with Trustees and Personal Representatives to provide legal advice to them on trust administration and estate matters of all kinds

Contested Trust and Wills ▪ Trust and Probate Litigation

Should the need arise, we are highly qualified to represent your interests in probate court and in settling disputes over a contested will and/or trust. Our attorneys are recognized through Oklahoma, Texas, and other states for handling estate planning, contested trust, and estate matters for estates of all sizes and complexities.

Contact our office in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, to discuss your probate law needs today. We'll assist you in taking care of your trust administration and probate needs. You take care of your family.